The Story of Nod

The words of Isri:

The Legends tell of the great battle between the forces of Tyrin and the hoards of Syrin, and I need not recount them here. Anyone desiring such knowledge of how the forces destroyed each other and how the Gods were banished from the lands need only look to the library. It is after the battle, with Rhianís tear and the embrace of darkness, where my recounting should begin.

Rhianís tear brought life to the fallen soldier, but watching the battle, disguised as one of the feasting carrion, was Kiyanne. I need not also recount the story of the cursed child of Moran and Yana. But cursed he was, and going to the soldier, Kiyanne embraced him, sharing his curse. Thus DeGraz was reborn into darkness.

Many years later, another dark figure is woven into the tale. The lady, Lilith. Discovering the secret of the curse, it became her strongest obsession to obtain it. She plied herself upon DeGraz in her efforts, but he rebuffed her wishes, using her gifts of sorcery and foresight to his own devices. But when she chanced upon meeting Kiyanne, and recognizing him as being the father of this gift, she did seduce him. Kiyanne took her as his wife and embraced her, also, into the darkness.

Together, Kiyanne and Lilith, along with the progeny they created, formed the City of Eternal Twilight. The City of Nod. Kiyanne watched over this great city as a benevolent ruler and believed Lilith to be of a like heart to him. But Lilith plotted ever on in darkness. She and her progeny, called the antediluvians, enslaved a great nomadic race known as the Assamites. Experiments of the truest evil, wicked practices of blood magicks, were implemented upon these people.

But the Assamites were a fierce people and their torture drove them to greater strengths. One of the slaves, in rising up against his torture, killed one of the antediluvians and upon drinking his blood, inherited his curse. He passed this on to other Assamites and they joined with the Covenance, destroying utterly the great City of Nod.

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