Kalane's Journals

On Werecreatures

Through the generations the legends of werecreatures have been handed down. Stories have rotated about eerie howls in the night and small children disappearing after dark. Your grandmother may have told you not to venture to far in the night or deadly beast will get you. Some of these legends may or may not be true. There has been some recent study in this field by wizards to determine the validity of the legends. Wizards from far and wide have gathered what evidence they could to determine if there are these creatures, and if so, the nature of these magical creatures. The ones who call themselves kin to the were claim all is true and yet none. I myself have seen strange things in my journeys , things not easily explained. The search will continue and the truth shall be found.

I have collected stories and legends from every race I came across concerning the weres. Amazing stories of a hero using a magical weapon of certain construct to vanquish one, or terrible stories of how certain spells didnt work and tragedy fell. I took the liberty of collecting these tales to help determine what weres were said to be out there and what was effective against each. However these are only legends and tales and none or all may be true.

After extensive research into the matter of the legends of weres we have found some interesting details. It is said that the gene that causes a person to transform into a werecreature may skip many generations. A recent interview with a family member who wishes not his name told, explained that in his family that there were tales of certain members who could take the form of large beasts to protect others from certain wrong doings. However he said none such has manifested itself in at least 3 generations, but he hopes that soon one will come to take the place of the family protector.

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