Penned by Sidonie

This tale came directly from Daurentoir's mouth. He requested I not record it, so at the time I did not. But as it is worth reference, I record it now from memory.

Daurentoir was born in an aristocratic society of elves in a land far to the east of Rhia. As with many of the men in that society as he came to proper age he entered training to become a Knight. He quickly advanced through the ranks. During the time be became a Knight he also became bored of being a simple knight. It was then that he began to train to become a mage as well. He was apprenticed to the lands high mage, Fallor. During his training he took to Fallor like a father to son and vice versa, going so far as to say he loved him.

He was raised to Baron and given the charge of eight knights under him. Astealdan and Dricano were amoung those charges. The Viscount who he served under was, in his terms, a viscious and uncaring man, incapabable of true nobility. The Viscount had Fallor killed for a scepter with magical properties that the scepter possessed. Daurentoir and his knights returned from the assignment they were on when this happened and confronted the Viscount about it. A battle ensued. The Viscount's guard killed all of Daurentoir's knights save for Dricano and Astealdan. However, Daurentoir was able to plunge his blade into the belly of the Viscount, killing him. The trio took the scepter and fled the lands, with Knights and guards chasing them. They fled into the tunnels under the land, being chased closely. After a while of running and becoming lost in the maze of tunnels they came across a drow. After a staredown between the drow and knights the drow agreed to lead though the tunnels. Two turns later they came to a small group of guards. Before Daurentoir, Dricano and Astealdan could draw their weapons the drow had killed all of the guards.

Without further incident the drow lead them out of the tunnels, through an exit into Rhia. It was then that the drow introduced himself as Serethal. A short time later the group came across Lilith, who offered Daurentoir a trade. She wished the scepter that Daurentoir now held, in return she offered him a Dark Nobility, she offered him Lasombra. He finished by saying, "And the rest is history." I asked him one question when he finished. The answer he gave caused me to lose any and all respect I had for the man in three words. I asked him what powers the scepter possessed. His response was, "I don't know."

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