The Story of Creation

It was said that in the beginning there was nothing, and from this void emerged Rhian. Rhian was the most perfect of beings. She created the stars to cascade down each strand of hair to illuminate her presence. She created the sun to be her brilliant throne. Rhian wandered the void bringing with her the light of her throne and the awe of the endless night in her hair. However Rhian was lonely. There were no others to share in her glory. The more she wandered the void known as the universe the more she wanted something or someone to share it with.

Rhian took a strand of her hair and began to weave it into a tapestry. Each star on the strand wove into the tapestry creating brilliant points of light all along the picture. As she weaved a shape took form in the tapestry. A young man with long golden hair and an honest endearing smile. She began to weave faster making the tapestry glow with her fervor. When she completed her tapestry she sat back and looked at the man. She smiled and said, 'I think I'll call you Tyrin.' That night, as she rested from her weaving, the stars in the tapestry began to twinkle. One by one each star lit and began to slide along the weave. The stars moved faster and faster outlining the man in the weave. Then when the stars shone so bright you could not see, a hand stretched forth from the glow. Slowly, ever so slowly the man emerged from the tapestry.

Rhian loved her son Tyrin with her whole being. Tyrin was an honest open being who thirsted for knowledge. Rhian taught her son everything she knew, how to weave how to create things using the Void. Tyrin soaked this all in and thirsted for more. Rhian saw the look on Tyrin's eyes when she gave him the knowledge of creation. So, like any mother who loves her son, she granted him the ability to create. Tyrin was overjoyed with his mother's gift. The first thing Tyrin created was the moon, So his mother could look into it and see her splendid reflection. Rhian saw this and was happy that her son was doing well. Tyrin then became bolder and created the earth. He made trees and water. He made the land and the air. Tyrin was happy with his work ever toiling to make more and more. Rhian sought her son out and saw the amazing work he was doing with the earth. Tyrin took his mother's hand and guided her over his into the sky of his creation and see her magnificent throne. They walked along looking at the trees and the lands. Night fell and the moon rose into the sky and Tyrin pointed out that at night he could see his mother’s reflection. Rhian was proud of her son and told him maybe he should make living things to inhabit his creation.

Tyrin began making the living beings to inhabit his creation. He started with the fish in the waters, then he moved on to the animals that roamed the lands. Tyrin toiled night and day making all the animals, birds, lizards, fish, and various other creatures. He sat back and enjoyed watching the animals play and frolic over his creation. Rhian came down and walked the earth observing the animals. She was pleased with her son and decided to make him an extra gift. She walked along the shores of the Dragon Sea and took some crystalline sand from the beach. She then walked up the River of Gods and took some loam and clay. She sat down and gingerly began sculpting a figurine. She toiled over the figurine for days making each detail as perfect as she could. When she was done standing before her was a statue of a man as beautiful as her son Tyrin. She smiled to herself and collected more sand, loam, and clay. She began sculpting again working hard and tirelessly on the second statue. When she was finished standing before her were two beautifully crafted figurines of a man and a woman. Rhian was well pleased. That night she broke two star studded strands of hair from her head and draped one each over the figurines.

Rhian came back the next day and laying on the shore of the river were two beings, both beautiful and both perfect. Rhian smiled down upon them and took each of their hands. She led them to Tyrin and presented her gift to him. Tyrin was so happy with his mother that he began to shed tears. As each tear dropped in the earth flowers sprang from the earth blooming white and pristine. The man bent and picked one of the flowers and presented it to the woman. Rhian and Tyrin saw this and knew that they had done well.

Several years went by as Tyrin and Rhian watched the earth grow. The man and woman they named Moran and Yana. Moran walked the earth naming the animals and overlooking the lands. Yana went with him tending to the needs of the animals as they needed it. They watched as the animals gave birth and took care of their young ones. Watched as the bears ate the berries growing on the branches of the bushes near the river. Then one day Yana gave birth to a son and they named him K'yesh. K'yesh was much like his father. Running through the meadows playing with the animals of the lands. Rhian came down amongst them and watched in silence as Moran, Yana, and K'yesh went about their lives. Rhian was troubled by what she saw. The animals of the earth began to become numerous. She reasoned that soon there would be no room upon the earth for all the living things. She set off to her throne in the sky to ponder this.

Rhian found the answer one night in a dream. She dreamed of a dark man that looked like her son Tyrin. Where Tyrin was light and fair the man was dark and brooding. She awoke from her sleep and sat at her loom. She took strands of her hair and began to weave a tapestry. Her fingers worked tirelessly creating her work of art. When she was finished the picture before her was that of the man in her dream. She smiled to herself and went back to her chambers to rest. As she rested the stars in the strands of the weave began to move. Faster and faster they went, creating a blur of light. When the light grew to the point of blinding a hand shot through the tapestry in the form of a fist. Rhian came from her chambers to see what was happening. What she found was the dark man sitting her loom chair with his legs crossed staring deeply into the ruined tapestry. Rhian smiled down on him and took his hand. As she took his hand, he turned to her and looked deep into her eyes. Rhian was taken aback at the depth of infinity in his eyes.

Rhian named her second son Syrin. She summoned Tyrin to her and introduced him to his new brother. Tyrin smiled warmly and walked up to Syrin to embrace him. Syrin flashed Tyrin a cold look with his infinitely deep eyes and Tyrin stopped in his tracks. Syrin looked over Tyrin in a cold calculating way. He nodded towards Tyrin in acknowledgement then turned towards Rhian. Rhian took Tyrin and Syrin to the earth and showed Syrin all that his brother had done. Syrin took it all in with a cold calm. Rhian and Tyrin took Syrin to meet Moran and Yana and what was now their eleven children. Syrin took an instant interest in the couples young children. Tyrin and Rhian saw this and thought that things would be better.

Syrin spent several days walking and talking with the couple’s children. Moran and Yana left them with Syrin knowing that Rhian and Tyrin would let no harm come to their children. Syrin learned all the animals’ names. He experimented with his powers in games he played with the children. K'yesh the oldest he took aside and made his ears longer and pointed, and gave him vision of the night like that of the tiger. They played long into the night games of tag and stalking. The next day Syrin took the second son, Moiran, and gave him wings like a bird. All that day they played spying games and games of strategy. The third day he took aside the third son, Oggrish, and made him three times the size of the other children, making him muscular and distorting his facial features into a grotesque picture of what he used to be. All the third day they played games of monsters and victims. As the days progressed he changed each of the children except the youngest, Kiyanne. Syrin watched as the children played the games he taught them and he smiled a cold, lifeless smile to himself.

Kiyanne was the last of Moran's children. Yet when Syrin walked amongst his brothers and sisters, he had changed them, making them special. But no gift had been given to the youngest of Moran's children. Kiyanne grew jealous of his siblings' gifts and ran to Tyrin. Tyrin greeted the boy, and as Kiyanne told him of what Syrin had done, Tyrin grew angry and rushed out of the house to confront Syrin. Kiyanne's temper grew hot, and quickly his jealousy turned to hatred. He ran off to a cave, and began to weep, snarl and growl at all who had brought pain to him. His hatred smoldered and grew. After a week, his eldest brother, K'yesh came looking for Kiyanne, concerned about his absence. But when K'yesh entered the cave and tried to talk to him, something inside Kiyanne snapped. He picked up a rock, and walked to his brother with the rock behind his back. When he got close enough, a grin spread across Kiyanne's face, and he hit his brother over the head with the rock, knocking the life from him. But as he did so, sorrow filled his body, and he fell to his knees crying. He wanted to correct and forget what he had done. Remembering what the animals did when they were hurt, he began licking K'yesh's wounds. Tyrin had heard K'yeshs soul scream in pain and went to investigate. When he arrived, he saw Kiyanne licking the blood from K'yesh's body and he saw the rock covered in blood and quickly pieced what had happened together.

’Kiyanne, you have cursed yourself and all your seed. From this day forth you shall drink the blood of others to feed your own life. In the day you shall feel nothing but pain, for all who meet you in sunlight will hate you. You will be hunted and killed for being what you are. Be gone, Kiyanne.' And with those words Tyrin cursed Kiyanne.

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