Book of Mortals

Legends and myths are created from the stories of those who no longer walk among us. Legends left behind records, while myths left nothing but their names on the wind. If you have a story to add about a myth or a legend, write a letter to the immortals

No submissions for people who currently inhabit the realms will be accepted.



These are the people whose stories will never die. Their tales have been recorded for the ages: their wisdom passed on, their victories cherished and their defeats mourned.

These are the names which have risen above to achieve greatness.

[The Brothers Phenril] [Blix] [Citanul]
[Forlorn] [Quillan] [Kassakhia]
[Kalani] [Nosila Oksah] [Thoth]
[Hrouide] [Sziromicon] [Elladan]
[Wiegraf] [Baershaedasn] [Bevandera]
[Rhaedryn] [VarManzir]


The characters behind these tales may or may not have existed. Some were so much bigger than life that the tales of them have to be just that: stories, fabrications.

Is it possible that anyone lived so loudly that even without records of any kind, their names have survived?

[Elminars] [Barsby] [Nelitone]
[Gianhal] [Shaylafen] [Maaz]

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