The Great Battle and Banishment

he Kindred of the Dawn were exploring a new land, one ruled by a Tyrant. They came upon the soldiers of the land, their breastplates adorned with an iron-clad fist grasping a lightning bolt. The Kindred were a curious group, always seeking knowledge and asked many questions.

This angered the soldiers, one on horseback dismounted and backhanded a Kindred, sending them to the ground. They were charged with vagantry and begging, which was against the law there. The soldiers began shackling the Kindred and an ogre turned into a Ghural and began mauling the soldiers. Uprooting an oak, he slashed at the soldiers on horseback and they fell down dead. The rest of the group ran as best as they could being shackled, but one turned into a large timber wolf and shook off her shackles and bit off the anklets on the ghural. The leader ordered his men back, and the timber wolf spoke, saying she had seen enough. The leader turned and left to the keep to report to the Lord.

The ogre and the woman left, returning to the woods to find their friends and found them in a circle, their shackles on the ground near their feet. The circle shimmered with a golden light and Tyrin stood in the middle.

He spoke of destroying those who were trying to destroy his creation. The ogre and the woman, not very pleased with the talk, left to discuss what had happened.

Two years had passed and the Kindred that had broken off to follow Tyrin's orders had gained many followers and were now calling themselves the Order of Creation.

The day for battle had finally arrived and the Order approached Syrin's army. Standing behind the Order was Tyrin, smiling as his followers advanced. As they advanced the minions of Syrin gathered to defend themselves. As they gathered they became frenzied with an unholy wrath. Standing upon the Ramparts of the keep was Syrin ever watching, with no emotion crossing his smooth face.

The battle raged for days, as one Order fell, a Minion fell, laying waste to the lands. On the final day of conflict, left standing was the Leader of the Order and The Tyrant.

Everyone else had fallen, all were dead. Some two thousand squadrons of men and women littered the lands. The carrion were thick, feasting upon the fallen. As the two began to battle, Syrin began to pour strength into the Tyrant. Tyrin countered by doing the same to the Leader of the Order. The two fought for days. As each inflicted a wound upon the other their respective god would heal it. The final day the two had both made a fatal mistake, and just as each sword was to cut the other's head off, they were frozen.

Rhian came down and looked upon the lands with sadness in her eyes. She confronted her sons and asked them what had happened. They told her and she became even sadder. She raised her arms and a rainbow of light stretched out from them.

Her sons faded as the light grew stronger. As the light grew she wept and said "From this day forth you are both banished from walking the realms of the mortal and from this day forth you will remain with me in my Sanctuary in the stars."

"You may still have followers and speak with them, " she continued, "but forever and one day you will never set foot upon this land again."

And with that the two fighters became unfrozen, beheading each other, finishing the battle. She turned and looked upon the vast battlefield and shed a tear, the tear fell and hit one of the fallen men. She lowered her arms and returned to her Sanctuary. To this day the lands are said to be haunted by the horror of it all, only to be coupled with a Darkness so black it defies mortal comprehension.

When Rhian returned to the Sanctuary, one of the Carrion transformed into a dark figure. He walked to the place where the tear had fallen and began to wipe away the limbs and other materials of the fallen. As he raised the man who the tear had fallen on, the man began to cough. As he opened his eyes, he died again in the embrace of Kiyanne.

If one looks hard enough, one can find the ruins and the vast wasteland.

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