Quotable Quotes

For your amusement, we present a collection of quotable moments from Dark Risings’ history. We’ve included both IC and OOC comments because We’d hate to deprive you merely for the sake of ‘real’ history. And begging your pardon if they’re a bit lewd, that’s just who we are.

[OOC] Argban: 'I was kinda hoping someone else would jump in so I could get a couple whacks.'

[OOC] Chaze: 'I love telnet'
[OOC] Dalos: 'sarcasm drips off that comment like stolen jewlery off a kender.'

[OOC] Ren: 'Or in my case, you wish for a slay on the teenager in the car in front of you, only to be highly disappointed and have to sit through the next red light instead.'

Sidonie puts Sintar's sack in (Glowing) a brightly embroidered, hand-woven satchel.
Sidonie says 'You didn't see that'
Sidonie asks 'How about you, Almiron?
Almiron asks 'no you cant pick this bag?'
Sidonie says 'You can't pick that bag'

[OOC] Shemal: 'The triple breasted whore of eroticon 6, who's erogenous zones start at 3 miles out.'
[OOC] Sintar: 'where did you get that one'
[OOC] Shemal: 'Same place I got the pan galactic gargle blaster.'
[OOC] Shemal: 'Feels like your brain got hit with a slice of gold garnished with lime.'
[OOC] Cadirewin : 'I will one day become rich for inventing a device that allows you to slap people across the internet'
[OOC] Yuneo: 'Can it do bonking too?'
[OOC] Cadirewin : 'We've heard about you and bonking, and if I invented a device for that i'd put the porn industry out of business'

[OOC] Xanaphia: '*bonks self*'
[OOC] Yuneo: 'Thats my job Xanaphia! Im the bonker!'
[OOC] Xanaphia: 'then bonk me.'
[OOC] Xanaphia: '.... that sounded weird.'

Adi rakes her fingers through her hair.
Ravindra sits down and thinks deeply.
Adi finally gives up, resorting to tucking it behind her ears for now.
Ravindra says 'I'm trying to remember whhhat isss good for fissxing unruely hair'
Lajos says 'Varm vater mixed vith 'oney and combing gets hair straight.'
Adi says 'yeah, but well... let's be honest.'
Adi asks 'When have I ever prefered straight to kinky?'

Ziy zaps a long cylindrical tube with an elemental rod of earthquake.
A long cylindrical tube begins to vibrate in Ziy's hands.
Ziy gives a long cylindrical tube to Adi.
Ziy winks suggestively at Adi.

[IC] Talmora: 'I like doing virgins, can I join too?
[IC] Octix: 'hrm'
[IC] Adi: 'Me too, then.'

A demonic half-fiend asks 'don't carre to sshharre?'
Rehanea asks 'Share... what?'
A demonic half-fiend says 'yourr holle.'
Rehanea says 'I think not on the hole part, but Divinicus may accomodate you.'

[IC] Johannes: 'I am horribly lost would some kind and generous soul provide me a summons or mystical gate to aid me back into the known country.'
[IC] Johannes: 'preferably someone with ale.'

Oksah is upset at the small pecker trying to get up her robes.

"arguing on the OOC Channel is like competing in the Special Olympics. Win or lose, you're still retarded. -- Yllandria

[OOC] Kronus: 'speaking of retarded my gate killed me!'
[OOC] Kronus: 'all this work and my items are now over the relams'
[OOC] Kronus: 'blasted kenders are finding everything as i speak'

[NB] Harkat: 'why cant i recall!!!'
[NB] Icuna: 'God hates you'

[IC] Lastorus: 'What's Bolas?'
--> Lastorus got toasted by Kamille at The Temple of the Gods [room 3001]

Kesavaram says 'Damned unholy fire.'

In regards to Halloween costumes:
[OOC] Salav: 'Now I'm going as the guy that drank a liter of Wild Turkey, just like the last 3 years!'

[OOC] NEWBIE: 'what mob has the sunflower eq?'
[OOC] Velkan: 'Snowflower?'
[OOC] NEWBIE: 'heh yeah '
[OOC] Velkan: 'It's eponymous'
NEWBIE> %Cast 'portal' eponymous
NEWBIE> You failed.
[IMM] Velkan: 'goddammit'

[OOC] Talthia: 'Canada shares the longest international border on the planet with a
country that pisses off the most dangerous men in the world.... It's like being Tumram's
innocent siamese twin.'

[NB] Erratak: 'ack.. trying to sex a cursed axe with no uncurse attached to it!'
[NB] Erratak: 'err sell that is'
[NB] Melakk: 'you'll get a nasty cut like that'

[OOC] Talthia: 'There's a T-shirt in the back of my closet that says
"T-Shirt +1: AC+1 DR+1 Wis+1 Con+1 Cha+1. Because life is better with stat bonuses."'

[OOC] Sathram: 'Lookie Rhone! yer in a inferno sandwich!'
[OOC] Rhone: 'I love it'
[OOC] Rhone: 'Its like a warm blanket of death'

Zyggi stops using a golden needle.
Zyggi grasps a big fat goose in his hand.
Anuvis says 'I really didn't want to see you grasp your big fat goose, Zyggi.'

Andry says 'I don't whine.'

[OOC] Keeshan: 'Maybe you didn't understand "shaddup". It translates to SHUT THE FUCK UP OR BE NOCHANNELED FOR THE REST OF YOUR PATHETIC CHARACTER'S LIFE!'

[OOC] Pez: 'PC? You're talking about being PC here at DR?'
[OOC] Pez: 'You've got much to learn, you retarded homo midget . :)'
[OOC] Pez: 'if this pointless penis measuring is still going on, I'll start slaying'

[IMM] Pez: 'all the ladies want a sweet sweet treat AND a toy that's neat'

Kuen says 'i don't have any sack.'

Adi asks 'So whats shakin, Oksah?'
Oksah shakes her blue, runed thang.
Oksah wiggles her bottom.

[IC] Morgathan: 'What do I portal to to get to the virgins?'
[IC] Adi: 'Not Minaku, that's for sure!'

Adi says, 'If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in your family.'

Orlunk says, 'Give me back my balls please'

[OOC] Someone: 'That's an optimist right there. "But I found my balls on the floor the next day so it's all good!"'

Sziromicon says 'Since we are here, perhaps you can take the time to tell us a bit about yourself.'
Yafit says 'Not a lot to say really. Just another soldier for purity and Tyrin.'
Yafit says 'I have no grand tale starring me as the unfortunate were victim, sorry.'
You say 'Werecreatures are linked to vampires, yes.'
You say 'Is that not why they are hunted.'
Yafit says 'Well, personally, I hunt them because one tore my spine from my back and I didn't find it pleasant.'
You say 'And here you say you have no interesting story.'
Yafit says 'It wasn't too interesting.'
Sziromicon says 'just a quasi-interesting anecdote on how you became spineless.'

[IR Draco Bar] [Crimson Rain] Senara, Mistress of [Trung]
[IR Kine Cle] [Gypsy] Kaci Ruen, Butterfly Princess.
[IR Avrl Wmg] [Gypsy] Kassakhia, ShadowDancer of the Romany.
[IR Dwarf Wlk] [Gypsy] Viktor Garmneal [SF]
[IR Wkin Dru] [Gypsy] Kuen SilverWolf
[IR Kine Brd] [Covenance] Yafit the Hunter
[IR Sylv Wmg] [Gypsy] Tihamyr..::Dreamwalker::..
[IR Sylv Mon] [Gypsy] Aveilous rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr
[50 Wkin Cle] [Gypsy] Aryieal SilverWolf.
[IR Kine Dru] [Crimson Rain] Parisa, Kiss of the Golden Meara. [Trung]
[OOC] Rilaldan: 'clan war..'
[OOC] Rilaldan: 'Gyp versus CR'
[OOC] Aveilous: 'That's unfair.'
[OOC] Etes: 'Wow, a whole two cr.'
[OOC] Rilaldan: 'Cove joins Gyp.'
[OOC] Aryieal: 'Yea. We need more Gypsies.'
[OOC] Rilaldan: 'LOL'
[OOC] Aveilous: '-nod Aryieal-'

Aryieal says 'It's all fun an games til you get a sea urchin up your arse.'

Krithana says 'Chaz, you left me for Rayleen while I was gone and didn't even have the decency to tell me when I saw you?'
Krithana says 'Thank you for clearing that up, Chaz. Now please excuse me I have a date with the bottom of a cliff.'

Elminars pats his midget lovingly.

[IC] Kendor: 'I think it's a combination of mint and toejam.'

Herumpheren giggles, then belches.

Jaheira says 'I ask you one last time...'
Merrik says 'No I will not share your bed'

Twila says 'would hate to crash inta any big balls, sounds painful'

[IC] Kailaldan: 'you beating my criminal with out my permision?'

Malkazez hands his package to Oksah.

Bevandera thinks Alecca needs to cut down on the crack-abuse.
Alecca stops abusing her crack.

Syphon bites large chunk of head.

[IC] Kaliska: 'If you are thinking about seeking the Order Dleise, think again.'
[IC] Kaliska: 'If you cannot follow hierarchy in a band of witches you cannot do so in a military organization.'
[IC] Kaliska: 'Perhaps you should pursue a career with the Dawn.'

Corgan says 'Because if you do, I'll gladly BURN you like I BURNED your mother.'

auction Valek: 'regal looking tiger begins to clean his sweaty balls with his tongue like other cats.'
auction Valek: 'shit'
auction Valek: 'mischannel'

Isri has transferred you.
QuiGon arrives from a puff of smoke.
Isri says 'Stop it.'
QuiGon waves a hand before Isri.
Quigon says 'You will not remember our IPs.'

Ischade says 'although it don't help me, since im goin inactive'
Anuvis says 'I'd ask if I could have your stuff, but um...'
Ischade exclaims 'You guys already took it! Hah, real funny lardass.'

[IC] Elminars: 'So Dietrich'
[IC] Elminars: 'I think you have a cell of people wanting to get out.'
[IC] Dietrich: 'How did everyone get in there?'
[IC] Lumus: 'We were summoned.'
[IC] Elminars: 'I will begin executing my hostages.'

You say 'Hey Krull.'
You ask 'Wanna see something really, really funny?'
Krull asks 'Whats that?'
You say 'Our guilds are at war.'
You say 'And it's April Fool's day.'
You say 'The fool part is, this room isn't safe.'
You say 'So surprise.'
Krull has some big nasty wounds and scratches

From a note: ‘Needless to say, we fell on him like a sack of angry, angry bricks.’
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'Angry angry bricks'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'I like that'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Gillikus: 'I thought you might.'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'Good show, Gillikus.'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Gillikus: '-tip-'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'That earns quote of the month, status'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'You have failed to disappoint me thus far, Gillikus'
[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'This makes me happy.'

[Crimson Rain] Sir Elminars: 'I havent seen you this giddy since you stabbed that orphan girl in the face.'
[Crimson Rain] Lord Bevildera: 'Ah yes...a stern warning to others who would look at me funny.'

Next time I run a protected quest, that extends to those transed to clestus afterward that still have the quest flag on themselves. Violate my quest protection again and I'll violate you worse than any bubba has ever even dreamt of doing

[ 85] Gillikus: HEHEHEHEHEHE
Thu Mar 20 21:30:49 2003
To: all
Phase 1: Quest
Phase 2: ...
Phase 3: Profit

Magar says 'I focus on self preservation above others, thats why I revoke my application.'
You say 'Good.'
You say 'I'm going to revoke your head clean off your neck next time you leave safe.'
Magar says 'You oppose no threat to me.'

You tell Sondry 'Hello.'
Sondry replies 'sorry, real busy Gil.'
c 'locate p' sondry
Sondry: Mark's Back Office

[OOC] Mithra: 'use nature disasters like every other diety'
[OOC] Bevandera: 'I am a good and loving god. I kill with my own two hands.'
[OOC] Gortan: 'thats doesn't sound to good, or loving...'
[OOC] Bevandera: 'Silence or death, heathen.'

--> Azyrneth got toasted by Cinos at A Narrow Canyon [room 12473]
[OOC] Azyrneth: 'how many l's in vermilion'
[OOC] Cinos: 'Two'
[OOC] Cinos: 'GAh.'

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