What are mysteries?

Mysteries, sometimes called miniquests, are area-based puzzles in which mobs (NPC characters in the game) or objects offer various types of clues.

Here are some good indications that you've stumbled upon a mystery:

  • Mobs talk to you
  • Mobs ask you to talk back to them
  • Mobs ask you to bring them something
  • Mobs ask you to perform an action
  • You find an object which is of a high level but has no worth
  • You see a sign telling you how to interact with a mob
  • Mobs have words highlighted in their speeches
  • You find an object which seems worthless but is flagged quest
For tips about what to do if any of these things happens, type help tips.

Where can I find mysteries?

Most areas have helpfiles; type areas to get the area name and then type help "area name" to see information about it. For example, help murderous wyrm. If an area has a mystery, the bottom of the helpfile will say Mystery Awaits!

You can also explore the many areas of Rhia and pay attention to the mobs who try to interact with you. Places to look for these mysteries include:

 * Secluded Castle   * Avariel Kingdom          * Arcaenum Keep          
 * Kryad Swamp       * Red Sands                * Hyouthian Ruins
 * Murderous Wyrm    * Madam Fortuna's Circus   * Shaunsdown
 * Feral Peck        * Vermillion Prison

For a preview of these mysteries, type help preview.

Why should I play mysteries?

Mysteries are designed to give players a fun and entertaining way to spend a few minutes or a few hours by providing challenging puzzles to solve.

Mysteries provide inspiration for inventive role-play. For instance, you might decide that your avariel character was influenced by the royal intrigue happening in the Avariel Kingdom, or maybe your character is on shore leave from the Murderous Wyrm, and in the employ of Long Tom Starkey. It's up to you.

Mysteries invariably offer rewards in the form of gold or items which can't be gotten by more conventional means. Instead of spending time battling the hydra through force, for instance, you might try to match wits with the Mistress of the Arcaenum Novices -- following this quest through to its end gives you access to unique items of exceptional usefulness and power.

However, the real purpose of a mystery is to give players who find themselves with time on their hands something fun and interesting to do -- are you more clever than the person who designed it? Can you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the mystery? There is only one way to find out.

Mystery Previews

  • [Arcaenum Keep] - The 'key' to unlocking Arcaenum's mysteries begins with two vouches! And as all good seekers know, two vouches of the same kind don't count.

  • [Avariel Kingdom] - A sign posted north of the kingdom will get you started on this journey of royal intrigue and betrayal.

  • [Hyouthian Ruins] - Well known for their master armorer, the Hyouthian's abound with secrets, from their heavily guarded library to their underground tunnels. Seek the Chamber of Histories to get you started.

  • [Kryad Swamp] - Join the famous adventurer Guy Ledragon as he sets out to find the most precious lost treasure there has ever been.

  • [Murderous Wyrm] - Searching the decks of the Murderour Wyrm will find you in the midst of a heinous crime... even for cutthroat pirates.

  • [Secluded Castle] - The mystery behind the castle's cowardly Lord are not found within its halls, but above them.

  • [Feral Peck] - Kender seem to be a playful, joyous race. But when an intelligent kender devolves into a feral peck, their innate lack of fear and ravenous hunger create a creature capable of almost anything. Don't get caught!

  • [Madame Fortuna's Circus] - The twists and turns of the Circus world and its keepers are as bizarre as the creatures they offer for display. Leave no path unwalked and no tent-flap buttoned down as you explore these unique grounds.

  • [Red Sands] - Children stolen, goods pilfered from other lands, and a curse on the desert itself leads for shocking tales told in and out of the local tavern. Trying to leave through the northern gate is the best way to land in the thick of this mystery.

  • [Shaunsdown] - Small towns are always awash in gossip, and if you frequent the places most likely to have it, you might just hear something which will make your fortune.

  • [Vermillion Prison] - Inmates have inventive ways of passing the time. If you can get in on the game, it may prove to be worth your while.

Mystery Tips

Once you've found a mystery, how do you participate?

The most important thing to solving a mystery is to pay attention especially to seemingly small details: clues may be found almost anywhere.

Pay close attention to descriptions which might be hiding secret doors, secret containers, secret messages, etc.

Pay attention to the things the mobs are saying, and ask yourself why these things are being said. If a mob who isn't selling something can't be attacked, it's probably an important figure in a mystery. Sometimes mobs just like to chatter, but if there is a mystery in the area, the chatter will usually be important clues about where to get started.

Pay attention to objects you find, especially if they seem to be an oddly high level for what they are, or if they're marked with the quest flag -- a dead giveaway. Also be sure to look CAREFULLY at objects: they may have hidden messages on them that can't be found by looking for abbreviations: for instance, for an object called 'plans', if you 'exam pla' you will not see the hidden message, but if you 'exam plans', you will.

Mobs will tell you what they want you to do. Your job is to figure out how to do it. Here are some examples:

Sometimes the mobs will want you to talk back to them:
The mob says 'Hi! Do you want to play with me?'
The mob says 'Hi! Do you want to PLAY with me?'
The mob says 'Hi! Do you want to play with me? Answer yes or no.'
The mob says 'Hi! Do you want to play with me?'

In these examples, the mob is trying to get you to respond with a certain word. Some of these examples are more obvious than others, but try responding with different tells:
tell mob play
tell mob yes
tell mob no
say play <-- mobs NEVER reply to says. Only tells.

Sometimes the mobs will hint for you to bring them things:
The mob says 'If only I had a brain!'

There are several things you can try here. The first thing to try is looking around the area carefully for something which fits the description. For instance, if you find an object called 'a brain' in the next room over, try bringing it back to the mob. The required object may not be from that area, though! Be creative and use your head. You also might not be required to give this item to the mob, but only have it with you when you go back to him. Try to keep items like this in your inventory unless the mob tells you to do otherwise.

Sometimes the mobs will want you to perform an action:
The mob says 'Have a seat!'
Look to see if there's anything to sit on, and if there is, try sitting on that. If there's not, just sit on the ground. Think about how using socials or actions might satisfy the mob's request. One thing to keep in mind here is that mobs are never fooled by emotes:
sit chair
emote sits down and rests. <-- won't work!

Sometimes things are affected by the time of day, or who is with a mob when you go visit it. If things aren't working the way you think they should, try different approaches. Be creative!

Sometimes certain objects will make all of the mobs in an area stop talking. This means that if you're carrying that object, you'll miss all of the hints, clues, and mysteries those areas have to offer. The Arcaenum Keep and the Red Sands both have objects like this, so make sure you look carefully at the objects you pick up and what happens when you do!

Two heads are usually better than one, so you might want to try solving these mysteries with a friend! If you've already solved the mystery yourself, there's nothing wrong with helping someone else solve it by giving a few hints, but please don't solve the mystery FOR someone else -- let other people enjoy the experience too!

Good luck, and have fun.

For another type of mini-quest, see: [Soul Gems]

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