Building for Dark Risings

Building is the act of creating new areas for players at Dark Risings.

Anyone can learn to build! On-Line Creation is very easy to use -- it doesn't entail coding of any sort, and every new builder (even ones with experience!) must read through the tutorials and complete a basic assignment before being given an area of their own.

In order to build, you must have three things:

Trust. Because builders have access to many game secrets, we have to be able to trust you with those secrets. We need to know that you are able to work independently and that you don't have a record of cheating or getting into mischief.

Good Grammar. This is a text-based game, so you need to have a decent understanding of things like punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. Nobody's perfect, and builders aren't expected to be either, but if your grammar in English is seriously lacking, please don't apply to build.

Creativity. We're looking for creative people! We want new ideas for areas which haven't already been done several times, new approaches and new stories to be told through the mobs, objects, and rooms of an area. All new areas need to be fun and interesting, and most of all, NEW.

So if you think you have a good story to tell, can tell it well, and are not secretly plotting to assassinate the immstaff, building might be for you. It's a great way to leave your mark on the mud, and it's a GREAT feeling when you see players wandering around with items you created.

If you'd like to experience this, please note in-game to the head builder/implementor Sidonie and let her know you'd like to be interviewed as a prospective builder.

The Builder website is no longer available. To get the most up-to-date information, refer to the helpfiles on build port.

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