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Savannah - Retired


Savannah was born to Malificentís twin sister after the breaking. When her mother died she made her way to Arinock with her small band of Romany and joined her uncle in gathering the family. Savannah was born with the gift of dream-seeing and used her skills to help warn her small clan of plots and upcoming events. But she was unable to foresee her own death. The love of her family is stronger even than the pull of the after-life and she seeks to protect them with the very essence of her soul.

Dark Risings is the first MUD I ever played. I was ko'd in my first day on DR for a sword given to me by a passing stranger...lesson learned? Don't take Shiny swords from handsome strangers. I decided that I was more the rogue than the warrior and I created my favorite character, Gianhal. My infamous street urchin got into all kinds of trouble including standing up to Kiyanne and being embraced *shudders at the memories*. Gi was great fun and there were many players instrumental in making my time on DR a blast. Elminars, Bastien, Ziavon, Turul and Malificent are just a few. I worked hard as a mort to make gypsy more fun for myself and others. A few months of hard work and I found myself being asked to help Malificent imm Gypsy. That's when Savvy was created.

Who is the real Savannah? I think she is a little like Gianhal and a lot like the Savvy you've all met. I like to do and say things that are surprising to those around me. I enjoy playing the prankster but never at the expense of other peoples feelings. Neutral Good is a pretty fair description of my alignment on and off the mud.

Mid-level degree - School of Hard Knocks

Feeding the Poor

Favorite Bands:
Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Simon & Garfunkle, Pink Floyd, Creedence, America, Linkin Park, Cold Play, Offspring, and many others.

Favorite Movies:
Leon the Professional (European Version), Conan the Barbarian, Matrix, Dragon Heart (well just about anything with Sean Connery in it except the Avengers eeewww), Lord of the Rings, Highlander

My dog, reading a good book, fencing, diving, dirt bike riding, horse back riding, sewing, skiing, flirting outrageously, and sparklies.

Head games, manipulators, emotional vampires, and men who beat women.

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