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Ryoshon is a priest of Tyrin blessed with visions from his god. He was led to the Covenant by those visions and when Cysan was called away, Tyrin showed Ryoshon leading the Covenant into a era of Strength, determination and pride for the Covenance. He also has shown Ryoshon a vision of the battle that the Hunt will face in days to come. Ryoshon is strengthening Covenance to face this battle and will do anything in his power to ensure that the realms is not plunged into the shadow which he feels now reaches it's dark grasp out to clutch at the good citizens of Rhia. He is kind yet strict, generous but devoted, under- standing yet single-minded in his determination.

I've been here since the opening days of Dark Risings. I have mudded for 10 years off and on, and I probably always will. So long as Dark Risings is up and running I hope to be an (usally) active member of its staff and or pbase, with delusional visions of eventual IMPish grandeur. I work a regular 9-5 type job as a government contractor just outside our nations capital. Previously I spent too many years in the restaurant industry and from what I remember of it, too many years following the Grateful Dead as well.

Younger women, classic rock, Sidonie's accent, vanilla pudding, Yuengling, buttered chicken (yum), thunderstorms, photography, traveling, camping, football, animals: I have three cats, but I'm never there so I basically pay their mortgage and drop by occasionally to feed and clean up after them.

People who are spoiled, immature, devious and manipulative, infidelity, heart burn, verizon, children, small dogs, chocolate pudding.

Matrix trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Fightclub, the original Starwars, Highlander, Braveheart, Conan the Barbarian.

Grateful Dead, Zeppelin, Doors, NIN, Tool, Portis Head, Rusted Root, (oldschool) Blues Traveler, David Gray, Damien Rice, Duncan Sheik.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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