The Staff of Dark Risings

Kesavaram - Retired

Dawning - Coder

Kesavaram found himself leading the band known as Dawning rather by coincidence. At one moment, he was fiddling with a magical spell designed to quadruple the present supply of ale. Rather than quenching his thirst, the spell cast him into the study of a certain Isri. She characterized him as a “strange Drow man,” but getting Isri to characterize anyone as a man is a herculean feat, so he stayed on and helped Isri with Dawning. Her role in giving birth to the avatar of Syrin left her wounded and listless, and eventually she left Dawning in Kesavaram’s care to pursue her own unknown goals.

Bio: A mudder born and bred at Dark Risings, Kes started mudding during the final project days of his time at university. Despite the untimely introduction to Dark Risings, he gradutated and is currently a full-time master’s student. His last job was at the business end of a commercial dishwasher. He splits his time between Dawning and coding, and occasionally demonstrates to the random teenaged mudder the definition of reason.

Classical music, beer, C, a good laugh with good friends, Age of Empires II, beer, rational discourse, girls (not necessarily in that order)

Core dumps, rum, C, people who are overly friendly, bad writing style, tastelessness, and a growing lack of honor in the world

“ In real life, everyone’s vulnerable to holy.”

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