The Races

Rhian and Tyrin took Syrin to meet Moran and Yana and their eleven children. Syrin took an instant interest in the couple’s young children. Tyrin and Rhian saw this and thought that things would be better. Syrin spent several days walking and talking with the couple’s children. Moran and Yana left them with Syrin, knowing that Rhian and Tyrin would let no harm come to their children. Syrin learned all the animals’ names. He experimented with his powers in games he played with the children. K'yesh, the oldest, he took aside and made his ears longer and pointed and gave him vision of the night like that of the tiger. They played long into the night games of tag and stalking. The next day Syrin took the second son, Moiran, and gave him wings like a bird. All that day they played spying games and games of strategy. The third day he took aside the third son, Oggrish, and made him three times the size of the other children, making him muscular and distorting his facial features into a grotesque picture of what he used to be. All the third day they played games of monsters and victims. As the days progressed he changed each of the children except the youngest, Kiyanne. Syrin watched as the children played the games he taught them and he smiled a cold, lifeless smile to himself.

-from the Tales of Creation

Kine - Merfolk - Sylvan - Drow - Avariel - Kender - Half-Elf
Dwarf - Orc - Ogre - Draconian - Werekin - Lichnee - Githyanki


Kine are humans in every way shape or form but over the years the Vampire name for human (kine) has caught on among the general population. They have no special talents or attributes as many of the other races do, however they are much more versatile and are well suited for any class.

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Merfolk are humanlike creatures that have adapted to live around or in water. Merfolk tend to have a faint blue tint to their skin hair is most often silver. They are not quite as intelligent or swift of foot as humans however they are slightly stronger, wiser and more durable. They move through the water with great ease. Like the humans they are average in all classes. Merfolk also innately know how to meditate.

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Sylvan or Elves (as humans call them) are a bit smaller and more slender than humans. They are not as strong or sturdy but are much more agile, both in body and mind. They generally make good thieves, psionics and mages as well as decent clerics and warriors. They are very hard to spot when they do not wish to be seen for this reason Sylvan of the fighter and rogue class receive sneak and hide (if character class may learn sneak or hide) innately. Sylvan are a resistant to spells in the charm sphere and are vulnerable to iron. Since Sylvan have very good eyesight they gain infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark).

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Still in the elf family drow have adapted to life underground. They tend to have dark to black skin. They retain most of their elven attributes, though they are not quite as intelligent. They are still masters of disappearing and innately know how to sneak and hide (if characters class may learn sneak or hide), they retain their infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark). They also fight better while blinded due to the time they spend in dark underground caverns. On the down side they are vulnerable to sunlight and lose their resistance to charm. Drow, like other types of elves, make good magic users or rogues.

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Still in the elf family avariels have adapted to life in the tree tops. Avariels skin ranges from a light yellow-green to a muddy reddish-brown. Over many generations they have acquired the ability to fly. They retain most of their elven abilities, though they are slightly stronger than normal elves and slightly less sturdy. They are still masters of the disappearing act and innately know how to hide and sneak (if character class may learn sneak or hide), however they have lost their resistance to charm and infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark). Avariels, like other types of elves, make good magic users or rogues.

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Only recently have scholars classified this as a separate race. Kender were once considered a mutation of Sylvan, Kine, or Dwarf. Kender are typically range between 3 and 4 feet tall. They consider wrinkles not only distinguished, but attractive as well and grow them at an early age. They are very dexterous and almost can't help but steal. Kender have a natural affinity toward "finding" things that do not belong to them and often consider this perfectly innocent. Kender have no understanding of the "law" as most races do and the concept of "ownership" is rather...slanted. Kender are physically incapable of feeling fear, though they more than make up for this with their immeasurable natural curiosity. All Kender eventually experience Wanderlust and begin their travels of the world, going wherever the wind may take them. Kender tend to treasure the unique over the valuable. Because of their amazing sense of smell, it is impossible for any creature to hide in the vicinity of Kender without being detected.

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Born from the mixing of human and elven blood, half-elves share characteristics with both races. They range in appearance as humans do though they normally retain their elven pointy ears. Half-elves are large size like their human blood. They are average in all classes and they innately know how to sneak and hide (if character class may learn sneak or hide). They are also resistant to spells of the charm type but have lost their infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark).

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Dwarves are short, stocky demi-humans, known for foul temper and great stamina. Dwarves have high strength and constitution, but poor dexterity. They are not as smart as humans, but are usually wiser due to their long lifespans. Dwarves make excellent fighters and priests, but are very poor mages or thieves. Dwarves are resistant to magic and innately have infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark) however they are awful swimmers. Since dwarves are known for their bad tempers, they innately know the berserk skill (if characters class allows berserk). Dwarves also know the haggle skill from their dealings with precious gems.

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Still in the goblin family, orcs are human size but retain many of the characteristics of a goblin. They tend to be greenish in color and unlike goblins tend of have short tusk-like teeth that protrude from their mouths. They are considerably stronger than goblins and as fast and sturdy, however they are less intelligent and wise, making them very dimwitted. They are best suited for fighter and thief classes. Orcs also innately have infravision (ability to see creatures in the dark) and resistance to disease but are vulnerable to mental attacks. Because of their wild and unstable attitude orc innately have the berserk skill (if characters class allows berserk).

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Ogres are very much like orcs in appearance. The largest difference is size. Ogres are very large. Much larger than humans, making them very strong and very sturdy. Their size however makes rather clumsy on their feet and they are just as dimwitted as orcs. They are resistant to heat and cold but vulnerable to mental attacks. They are best suited for warrior or barbarian classes. Ogres innately know how to bash and do enhanced damage (if character class may learn bash and enhanced damage).

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The draconians are descendants of dragons. They have a high intelligence and a flare for brutality. They are large in stature and have a wide range of colors to their scaley skin. Being from dragons, draconians are adept in magical arts as well as warriorlike skills. Their higher intelligence also lends them powers of the mind. Like their cousins the dragons, draconians resist heat. However, unlike their cousins, their scales are vulnerable to sound attacks.

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Werekin are also human in every way shape or form. By looks Kine and werekin are indistinguishable. Werekin however are thought to somehow developed a link with Were creatures and and thought to have a better chance of possessing the "Were" gene than any other race. They also possess the ability to detect Lycanthropes or Were creatures. Like other humans they are well suited for any class.

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Liches are strange creatures indeed. Formerly of any given race these creatures gave themselves to Syrin in sacrifice to be reborn undead with strange new powers. Syrin in his mockery of Tyrin and Rhian has granted his followers the ability of true sight(detect invis, detect hidden, detect magic). Due to the nature of these beings liches cannot be embraced into Vampirism because they are already dead. Also they are resistant to negative magics but due to being skeletal in nature are vulnerable to blunt weapons.

Special Notice: The Lich is a different type of race. They exclusively follow Syrin and may have enemies naturally before making any RP contact with anyone. Any deviation from Syrin, or disobedience of his Avatar, Suqlaheru, may result in death or being transformed into a weak and worthless kine.

If you are new to Dark Risings or mudding in general, it is recommended you do NOT choose lich as a race to start with due to the nature and restrictions of their RP. Lichnee have natural enemies, can't have a + flag, and are expected to know their way around the game. If you are a lich, and a new player, we HIGHLY suggest making another character that isn't a lich to get the hang of the game before coming back to your lich character.

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Most Githyanki are warriors of some kind. Some have tapped into the arts of the mindflayers of their home plane and honed their mental abilities. Githyanki are never Clerics unless they have abandoned their loyalty to Syrin and foresworn his avatar, Suqlaheru. Originally from the Astral Plane, it can be hard to see them without the aid of magic. Githyanki are usually tall and thin, resembling malnourished kines in stature. Their leathery skin typically ranges from a pale white to a pallid green and their faces are marked by generally sharp angles, flattened noses, and long, goblin-like ears. Taking pride in the mastery of crafts, their primary focus is always on combat. Githyanki warlocks are known as Gish and Githyanki Clerics are known as scum of the planes. Any Githyanki seeming to be "friendly" and "helpful" is always running a scam of some sort.

In regards to Githyanki's relationship with Syrin and relationship with Lichnee:

A Githyanki is usually raised to be a worshipper of Syrin, but, this is an off-shoot of their enslavement by Lichnee who also taught that a Githyanki being a priest was the ultimate blasphemy. Githyankis are of two minds now on the subject. Although the Lich enslavement turned out to be a complete disaster due to the Giths' powerful sense of independence, some of the religious beliefs have carried over. Therefore, you have religious traditionalists who follow Syrin but would never consider becoming a priest, and at the same time you have the "New Order" that consider all religions to be a method of control. As you can imagine, the relationship between Gith and Lich will remain strained until the stigma and humiliation of their prior enslavement are no longer a memory.

Githyankis that become priests of other Gods are subject to extermination by both Lichs and other Gith. Githyankis that attempt to become priests of Syrin are subject to instant and total destruction by Suqlaheru.

Githyankis will find training as a Cleric to be nearly impossible. Their understanding of nature on this plane is extremely limited, making them poor at the Druidic arts. However, their extensive travel and inherent skills allow them to do moderately well as Rangers. Classes they excel at include Warrior, Wildmage, Psionicist, and Warlock. They do decently enough in the rest.

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