Welcome new player! Here we have collected a number of resources to help you learn how to play at Dark Risings. Please take the time to read through them. If at any time while playing the game you have a question, feel free to ask on the [NB] Channel.

Make sure you have read the rules of the game, available by clicking here and by typing ‘help rules’. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Keep in mind that the rules are OOC (out of character) and enforced by the immortals. You may at no time break the rules. The laws of the lands are IC (in character) and enforced by Vermillion. If you break the laws, you must deal with the consequences of your actions. Repeat criminals may require immortal intervention.

Rhia is inhabited by many different races. To get a better understanding of what they are and how they interact in society, visit [Races]. Every person in Rhia also takes a trade upon arrival. To learn about the classes and trades you can learn, see our section on [Classes].

Dark Risings has one of the most complete libraries of helpfiles imaginable. All of our guides for new players, as well as information for all players, can be found in our [Training] section.

Several groups and guilds abound in Rhia - some officiated by immortal leaders, and some by mortals alone. More about these groups can be discovered in [Guilds].

To learn more about the people who help run Dark Risings, be sure to check out the section on our [Staff].

Builders may access the login page to the building helpfiles by clicking on our [Building] section.

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