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For those of you who wish to learn more about the equipment to be found in Rhia, please visit our [Equipment] inventory. Again, information is only as accurate as those who submit it, so use it as a crutch at your own risk. For you numbers-oriented people, check out the game [Statistics] that have been painfully collected for your use. If you're bored to tears because no one wants to talk to you or because you RP a smelly ogre (and I know quite a few), go entertain yourself by exploring all the [Areas] that Rhia has to offer. You could even gather enough information to write your very own [Area Guide]. And if you're all about a quick buck or the best ways to kill, maim, torture, or otherwise gimp your opponent senseless, keep a copy of the Encycolpedia's [Strategy] guide in your back pocket. Don't forget to carry a very, very big stick.

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