Weapons range over eleven different 'types'. Listed here are what are considered 'high end' weapons, most having a damage average 36 or higher. Weapons can be viewed by type, damage type, or alphabetically. Armor stats have been divided into catagories by slot worn. In some instances, the -AC has aready been added to the base armor. Generally, only level 50 and above items are listed. These stats have been provided by multiple players, and may not be 100% accurate.
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If there is an item that is incorrect or missing, please send an email to Unless the item is a weapon with a special damnoun, please do not send items lower than level 45. Also, if you are using an eq combination you think really works, email the set and we'll have a section on the best eq combos. Please include why you think the eq set works so well, as well as the char's class.

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