The Book of Mortals


As a small boy, Wiegraf constintely took punishment after punishment from bullies in his neighborhood. On his sixteenth birthday, his mother and father decided that Wiegraf is old enough to strike out on his own. So he packed up his only belongings and went out into the world. On his way, he stopped by a village named Groobville and listened to the local rumors. He heard that a sword fighting contest was to be held. So Wiegraf bought himself a claymore and minor pieces of armor and entered the contest. The contest was called 'The test of strength' by the contests winner for 6 years running. Finally the day came for the contest and Wiegrafs first opponent was a barbarian named Gargook. The spar waged back and forth and finally Gargook fell, unconscious and bleeding. With the money that he earned from that fight, Wiegraf spent it training further in the art of sword swinging.

The next days opponent proved that Wiegrafs money was well spent, as his opponent was a Tutonic knight. The odds were greatly in the knights, whose name was Burga, favor. After 2 long hours of getting nowhere, Burga started to show some signs of pain in his left side. Thinking like a true warrior, Wiegraf began striking that place time after time. The knight was practically crippled in pain. Burga fell... But only after three hours of brutal fighting and dirty language. With this money, Wiegraf bought a full suit of armor, for his next opponent was the champion himself. Nothing is known about this man. Just enough that everyone knows to fear his awesome power. Wiegraf knew that he'd have to fight with all of his skill. The next day came all too soon. Wigraf was barely strong enough to stand, lest he should fight. As the day drew closer to the match, Wiegrafs health got better. The match came at last and the crowd had tripled in size. AS he stood on the field, sensing thousands of eyes on him, a gate opened on the far side and a dual axe wielding, full armor clad ranger entered. Kind words were exchanged between Wiegraf and the champion and the battle began.

Wiegraf was on the offense after only a couple of minutes of swinging. What was going on here? This can't be the champion. The people before him were more skilled. Then it happened. Wiegrafs worst nightmares came true. The champion put his hands together and... And... Shifted into a giant wolverine! The battle immediately turned tables and the war was just about over. Only a few slashes and bites were taken by wiegraf before he fell, bleeding perfusely and unconscious. When wiegraf awoke, he wasn't in the arena but in a strange smelling house. Then the champion entered the room, holding a plate and mug. The champion interduced himself as Gram. Wiegraf and Gram talked for awhile and led to the fact that Gram was a were. They talked about the dangers of being one... And the joys of being one. Then Wiegraf made his most important decision yet. He chose to become a were, just like Gram. So Gram performed the ritual and gave wiegraf some of his blood to drink. Quaffing all of it, Wiegraf immediately felt tired and fell asleep. Hours passed and finally he awakened in the same strange smelling house. Gram was there smiling at him. He said that Wiegraf had potential enough to become the champion of 'The test of strength'. But Wiegraf declined any training and left Gram's home still wanting to travel. His final destination was Arinock were he found a job as an apprentice armorer.

Years passed, and Wiegraf steadily grew stronger and began to be able to harness his were powers. One day, a thief by the name of Grafter entered the armory and murded Wiegraf's master in cold blood while he was asleep. From that day on, Wiegraf vowed to find this thief and kill him.

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