The Book of Mortals


Born in a small town little south of Malhan, I grew up in a loving family. I started my training from a very early age, and from my fathers advice I decided to seek training from a teacher by the name of Galon. He was an old man, and although unable to perform the magicks he taught anymore, he was still very knowledgeable, and knew the theory work before each piece of magic, and how it should be correctly performed. He taught me from about 5 until shortly after my 14th birthday.

One day when entering the training hall for my learning session I was horrified to find the man I had grown to love, lying in a pool of blood. Rushing too him I noticed he been slashed all over and was no longer breathing. I started to cry when I suddenly heard a noise behind me. Turning round I saw a large Wolverine unshift into this stocky little dwarf thing, then run off at an unbelievable undwarfenly-like pace.

After the funeral I asked my father about this Dwarfy Wolverine, as I was a little confused by how a Wolverine could turn into a dwarf. My father explained to me how this Wolverine was in fact once a normal dwarf, but had at some stage in its life been cursed. It made what was once a friendly little dwarf turn insane and evil "Dwarferine", using its power in his curse to harm others.

Shortly after I set off, leaving my home and family to seek revenge upon this Dwarferine. This was when I entered Darkrisings. Finding a new trainer, by the name of Iridius, I was trained in the magicks of a druid. A few years past when I was approached by a little purple pixie. He was most friendly to me, and spoke highly of a guild he called "The Covenant". He explained to me how they all fought to protect the innocent. At first I thought this pixie was a little crazy, as that was Vermillion's job. However, he then explained how Covenance protected the innocent in a different way. They fought werepires and vampbeasts that used the power from their curse to harm the innocent. I bought the pixie a pint and a biscuit, then he left.

It was then I knew what I must do - Join Covenance.

Hrouide Ifenavle - Tyrin's Hunter.

PS: If anyone knows where I can find my little purple pixie friend, if they could contact me with the information, it would be much appreciated :)

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