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Visegrad - Moryana

The sprawling city of Visegrad, known as the sister city of Arinock, is nestled against the eastern edge of the Dragon Sea. Visegrad is ruled by Lord Istvan, whose palace in the northern section of the city boasts many earthly delights.

The city itself is beautiful and well-kept. The Lord's guards keep law and order well in hand here, and trade has flourished. Visegrad's close proximity both to the Dragon Sea and the Penella River has allowed the merchants of Visegrad to grow rich, though the recent loss of trade to the Avariel Kingdom has been difficult.

Visegrad is famous for its trades: Sylvia the tailor sells what is arguably the finest cloth in the realms; Moulaison provides for fletchers of all levels of ability; the bread maker offers not only ingredients but free use of his great ovens by any who care to bake.

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Inn of the Rose

The Inn of the Rose was raised by the immortal Catriona, who also created the Rose merchant group at the same time. Its founding members included Madelaine of Inferno, Shasphiyl of Dawning, and the unguilded and mysterious Lahoranthes. After Catriona left the realms, her Rose merchant group fell into disarray. Some time later a new Rose was born, led by the tactful and thrifty Zyggi. Though they are not affiliated with the first group, they are every bit as effective.

The Inn of the Rose no longer serves as Rose headquarters, but it is rumoured to have the finest champagne in Rhia, as well as beautiful gardens and plush accomodations. If you are ever in the northern reaches of Visegrad, Taea the barmaid looks forward to serving you.

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