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There are four known continents which make up the lands of Rhia.

[Moryana] is named after Rhia's first human inhabitands and the parents of all sentinet creatures, Yana and Moran. It is the central and most densely populated of the continents. It is also home to the great city of Arinock, the greatest city in the realms.

[Toaira], to the south, is a continent of mystery. Many savage civilizations have made their homes in the hot jungles and swamps, yet it is also where the deeply erudite scholars of Arcaenum have chosen to build their Keep.

The fierce conditions of the bitter [Glacier Plains] have discouraged many from settling there, but the few who have done so have created empires.

Most of the continent of [Malhan] remains unexplored and inaccessible, but the great city of the same name offers many refinements, entertainments, and goods.

Maps of both [Rhia] and each continent can be purchased from Melancholy the map-maker in Arinock.

Maps of Rhia

[Map of Rhia] [Map of Moryana] [Map of Toaira]
[Map of the Glacier
Plains & Malhan]
[Map of Dwarven Kingdom] [Map of Visegrad]
  [Map of Arinock]  

Area Listing


Abandoned Abbey
Ancient Ruins
Avariel Kingdom
Chapel Catacombs
Church of Syrin
City Slums
Coral Road
Crimson Rain Palace
Dark Forest
Dark Mage Chambers
Dark Moon Acadamy
Dwarf Forest
Dwarven Catacombs
Dwarven Daycare
Dwarven Kingdom
Dwerger Mines
Elemental Canyon
Gnome Village
Great Pyramid
Haon Dor
Haunted Mansion
Hydra Swamp
In the Air
Inn of the Rose
Inner Sanctum
Madre Fortuna's Circus
Ofcol Castle
Old Thalos
Orc Forest
Paladin Sanctuary
Plains of the North
Redferne's Residence
Sands of Sorrow
Sandstone Wasteland
Savannah Road
Secluded Castle
The Black Paladin
The Enchanted Forest
The Void
Three Firs
Troll Kingdom
Vermillion Prison
Western Way
Wyvern Tower
Xela's Forest


Arcaenum Keep
Equatorial Jungle
Feral Peck
Kryad Swamp
Mangrove Fen


City of Malhan
Malhan Park

Glacier Plains

Frost Village
Mount Notus

Dragon Sea

Dragon Sea
Hyouthian Ruins
Volcanic Island


Gypsy Camp

Coral Ocean

Coral Ocean
Merfolk Lagoon
Shark Reef

Sea of Mathias

Sea of Mathias
Murderous Wyrm



Area Guides:

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[Madre Fortuna's Circus - by Greiz] [The Mist - by Nemos]
[The Enchanted Forest - by Sondry] [A History of the Avariel Kingdom - by Bender]
[Arachnos - by Bender] [The Hobgoblin Mines - by Unzhael]
[The Three Firs - by Teshi]





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