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Imagine yourself a werecreature, skulking through the deep forest after the moon has caused you to involuntarily transform into a beast of unimaginable terror. Or...a vampire who has devoted yourself to your mistress' bidding, plotting your rise to power and riches. Or... a hunter that specializes in running the creatures of the night into the ground, and has the power to do it. All of these roles and more are yours for the exploring at Dark Risings. Any new character has a 7% chance of being a werecreature, a mutation of your chosen race. Vampires are chosen by brood patriarchs based on their roleplaying skill.

Dark Risings is mud based on ROM2.4 with a medieval and gothic theme revolving around werecreatures and vampirism. There are many races and classes to choose from upon creation, making for a unique character. Dark Risings has made sure to preserve that familiar feel of a ROM MUD, but has a large variety of new and unique areas and features.

Briefly, some of our game features include:

Role playing is heavily encouraged, with a name and description approval process (online, no emailing required) and valid in-role reasons for PK (player killing) attacks required. We have lots of quests and the kind of game balance only achieved from years of live play and adult admins with over a decade of experience.

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To learn more about Dark Risings, including available races, classes, guilds, and guides for new players, please click on [Information]. New players are especially encouraged to visit our [Training] section. This section also gives some information for those interested in building.

Players can find a wealth of knowledge at their disposal in the [Encyclopedia]. Browse through the maps and area guides to learn where to hunt for experience and for unique items. Search through our equipment stats to find the items just right for you. There are also several strategy guides to assist both new and veteran players, as well as enlightening game statistics.

For those of you interested in the history, legends, and lores that surround Rhia, please visit the [Vault], which is a comprehensive library on the history that surrounds Rhia. You can also browse through the Book of Mortals to learn more about the players who have helped to make DarkRisings what it is. Artwork of former and current players can also be found here.

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